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Visual representations

In these Covid-times, learners need to rely more on reading to access learning opportunities.

Hence, their reading skills are more important than ever before.

The diagram above may be a useful classroom activity: ask learners to describe what they see and what they learn from it. You may prompt them by asking how long the red strip is.

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Good Day. Thank you for the wonderful material shared on this site. We used it with great success last year. Last year I downloaded the study guides in Afrikaans for my daughter. Is the Math Gr6 available in Afrikaans again (i have not been able to find any). Best Regards

Great to hear that our Ukuqonda material helped you last year, and we are proud of your daughter for engaging and making sense!

We have moved all our Ukuqonda books and material to the Ukuqonda Materials website

Our English Maths and Technology learner books and teacher guides are all already available here for free download, the Afrikaans will be uploaded by the end of today.

Thank you!

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