Suggested Interventions

The Ukuqonda approach to providing support is based on an acknowledgement that educators are working under extreme conditions including large student numbers per class, lack of resources, and time constraints due to the volume of work that must be covered within an academic year.

We believe that an approach should be experienced by educators (and learners) as guidance being provided in critical learning areas, and direct support offered where and when requested, whilst their independence and autonomy is respected.

Intervention with a teacher focus will be engaging with their ideas of challenges and providing support in the form of:

  • Workshops – with a strong content focus, and secondly ways of understanding and ways of learning
  • Teacher/classroom and learner materials – aligned with what teachers are ‘required’ to do/to use, but with a clear aim and focus on developing understanding.
  • Classroom support – during workshops teacher will be given space to invite Ukuqonda to their school/classroom, not to monitor implementation of ‘workshop’ ideas/materials, but rather to support: discussion, teach or co-teach.

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